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Monica's Offered Services

Monica has a wide range of experience in the mental health field, allowing clients to decipher which is most appropriate for their needs. 

Therapeutic Services

Monica has been providing therapeutic services since 2017. While Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is wildy used during sessions, therapetic interventions vary and are specific to client needs. CBT is an intervention that allows the client to assess how their limiting beliefs about themselves or the world creates a challenging feeling (such as anxiousness or depressive symptoms) and produce a behavior that may be unsupportive for the client's success. Monica works to assist clients with re-wiring their cognitive distortions and negative thoughts, through interventions such as reframing, self-compassion, meditation, analyzing the derivative of negative beliefs, and practicing acceptance of their personality traits and shortcomings. The results of these interventions is an increased self-esteem and the belief in their natural abilities. 

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Education Services

Monica has contributed to mental health development in the school systems since 2011. More recently, she has worked in the secondary school system as a school psychologist. Monica is a Licensed Educational Psychologist and provides educational evaluations to primary and secondary aged youth in special education or in search of information regarding special education. Through education evaluations, Monica is able to provide families with important information on how to support their child in the school setting. Following an evaluation, Monica can provided consistent educational therapy to support youth with learning important skills related to the results of the evaluation. This can include executive functioning skills training, anxiety and stress management, lack of motivation to complete school work, and other aspects related to the success of the child's education. 

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